Steve Bostrom: Happy New Year

Steve Bostrom

Finding a new potential island for our kitchen, my wife called me from the Restore.

Hustling over, I found the $20 ramshackle piece – OSB plywood topping an 8’x2.8’ metal frame with wheels. My wife has an eye for such objects needing redemption.

As I paid for it, a new customer spotted the prize. “I need that for my shop!” Phew, I’d gotten it just in time.

Two sons took the frame to their paint shop to coat it with an industrial flat black paint.

A local hardware store sold 8’3”x 23” butcherblock. Needing to cut off 9” to make the 32” wide top I needed, I bought two. But using my table saw, how could I cut the unwieldly second piece straight?

A carpenter friend rescued me. His saw could be set in a track and make a flawless cut. It worked! We glued the two pieces together. Later, we attached it to the top of the frame. Beautiful!

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