Steve Bostrom: Fruitfulness

When our 2-year-old granddaughter visits, first she kicks off her shoes – just like she does at her home.

Reading the Bible, we also find priorities. “Pray ‘first.’” (1 Tim 2:1). “Seek ‘first’ the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” (Matthew 6:33)

And what is God’s first command to human beings? “Be fruitful…” (Gen. 1:28)


Before church, a woman in her 70s told me about her childbearing years. She had believed her generation’s lies about overpopulation. Bucking the norm, she had three. Now, she wishes she had more.

She agrees with Henry George (1879): “Both the jay-hawk and the man eat chickens, but the more jay-hawks the fewer chickens, while the more men the more chickens.” Brian Mattson comments (6/2022): “Brilliant! Humans are capable of husbandry, innovation!”

But now, the UN world fertility map shows every continent except Africa is aging so rapidly that the long-term existence of many nations is precarious – especially in the “infertile crescent” from Spain to Singapore.

People are also reading…

God, please teach us.

Joseph as our guide

At about 17, favored Joseph is beaten, betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery. In Egypt, his abuse and neglect dominate thirteen more years.


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