STEPHEN MOORE: Meet The Left’s New Best Friend — Corporations

A recent Wall Street Journal lead story reported that “Republicans and big business broke up.” The amount of corporate donations to Republicans was cut sharply in the last election cycle to a lower amount than in nearly a decade.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has backed many Democrats running for Congress in close and competitive races, which puts the GOP slim majority in jeopardy.

The writing is on the wall: Corporate America is increasingly aligning itself with liberal Democrats, not Republicans. (RELATED: BETSY MCCAUGHEY: Business Owners Beware — Price Controls Are Coming If Leftists Get Their Way)

Some of this shift in corporate allegiances is due to some bad decisions by Republicans. The GOP has shortsightedly pursued a “break up Big Tech” campaign, and the party’s slide toward tariffs and away from free trade, one of the pillars of prosperity, is worrisome to any free marketeer.

We should have free trade with countries, unless they are like China, threats to American security.

The real question is whether the GOP should want or even need support from the corporate boardrooms, which are increasingly going “woke.” Maybe it is time for a divorce.

Big business is increasingly siding with big government. Democrats are

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