Stephanie Land revisits college years in new memoir ‘Class’

The end of “Maid” was the beginning of another journey for Stephanie Land.

Her new book, “Class: A Memoir of Motherhood, Hunger, and Higher Education,” fills readers in on what happened after she arrived in Missoula to earn an English degree at the University of Montana, where as an undergrad, she began writing an essay that eventually became “Maid.” 

“Class” is her follow-up to an all-in memoir that became a surprise hit. Her ground-level view of poverty and the difficulties that working single mothers face found an audience with President Barack Obama and then Netflix viewers through a season-long adaptation.

Missoula author Stephanie Land.

Erika Peterman, publicity photo

In her new book, she focuses on her senior year, which she says was one of the most difficult of her life. She describes the “relentless” energy (a criticism she reclaims as a point of pride) required as she was finishing her degree and her daughter was starting kindergarten.

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