Stephanie Land on 'Maid,' a memoir turned Netflix series


Margaret Qualley stars as Alex in “Maid,” a Netflix adaptation of Missoula author Stephanie Land’s memoir.

Margaret Qualley stars as Alex in the Netflix limited series, “Maid.” The show adapts the best-selling memoir by Missoula author Stephanie Land. 

By Brian D’Ambrosio for the Missoulian

The entanglement of poverty that the new Netflix limited series “Maid” empathizes is widespread. However, it arrives to audiences embossed with distinctly Missoula components.

Indeed, essential elements include a local housekeeper turned author, a University of Montana creative writing class, and even a landmark coffee shop.

As it turns out, before “Maid” was a TV show it was a book and before that it was a memoir of UM student Stephanie Land’s milieu of hardship. Her professor, Debra Magpie Earling, an accomplished short story writer and novelist,

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