STATE REP. MAZZIE BOYD: If Minors Can’t Go To Strip Clubs, Why Should They Be Allowed At Drag Shows?

At the heart of conservative values is the belief that our culture and societal norms should be preserved and protected for the wellbeing of future generations. One significant area of concern that has arisen is the attendance of minors at drag shows. A group of Missouri House Representatives, Senators, and I have proposed legislation to safeguard our children from these adult-oriented performances. The proposed bills have drawn criticism, but the foundation of our argument is solid – these performances are fundamentally not suitable for the impressionable minds of our youth. 

Drag shows, inherently, contain sexual elements and as such, fall into the category of sexually oriented businesses. If we have legislation that restricts minors from establishments like strip clubs, why should drag shows be an exception? Such environments potentially expose children to sexual content before they are emotionally mature enough to understand it. This is not about suppressing sexuality; rather, it’s about shielding children from adult themes until they are emotionally ready.

A case in point is a Columbia school that took students to a drag show without the knowledge or consent of their parents. The school district apologized, but it raises the question – can a child truly understand and

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