Star strong, script light: Feuding exes, George and Julia

Brent Northup

Ticket to Paradise

At the Cinemark

“Ticket to Paradise” is an old-fashioned movie of the type MGM and RKO loved to release in the golden age of movies, the decades surrounding WWII.

Katherine Hepburn, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor. Sparkling names above the marquee. Most worked for one studio, doing what they were told, but sometimes dared to speak truth to power.

Although the studio era has long passed, we still have a few bona fide stars, whose Midas touch is usually box office gold.

One poll anointed Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as modern movie stars – I’d add Meryl Streep.

Universal Studios would obviously add George Clooney and Julia Roberts – betting $60 million that moviegoers will flock to cinemas to see “Ticket to Paradise.”

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Clooney, 61, and Roberts, 54, also have appeal to older moviegoers who enjoyed live movies 20 years ago. Maybe they’ll come back?

Hard to imagine two more likable Hollywood types than George and Julia. I feel close to George, simply because people keeping thinking I’m his doppelganger.

Casting them together

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