St. Peter's to raise hourly minimum wage to $15

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St. Peter’s Health in Helena. 


St. Peter’s Health officials said Thursday they would raise their minimum wage to $15 per hour as part of an effort to attract and retain critical staff.

The raises are to be implemented between now and April and will impact more than 400 employees, including staff who will receive equity increases due to rising pay scales or for longer tenure in the organization.

St. Peter’s Health said in a news release that these adjustments represent $500,000 of a more than $3 million investment this year in employee compensation, over and above the standard 2% annual increase it offers every employee.

Officials said that since March the organization has benchmarked hundreds of positions and increased wages for staff, nurses and providers. By April of next year, this $3 million investment in compensation will benefit more than 1,400 St. Peter’s employees. 

Montana’s minimum wage is $8.75 an hour. The starting pay for lowest minimum wage scale at St. Peter’s is $11.88, a hospital spokeswoman

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