Spotting crime with tools online: DPD launches online database

The Dickinson Police Department has launched its crime activity through the website By being the first law enforcement agency in North Dakota to get on board with this online policing program, the Dickinson Police Department is hopeful that it will not only serve as a tool for residents to be more attentive to what’s happening on their streets, but also may potentially act as a tip line source for investigations, Lt. Mike Hanel said.

“(With) this CrimeMapping website, not a lot of agencies do it. So we’re really fortunate we were able to partner with our record management system to be able to accomplish that, and it just helps give citizens just some general knowledge of what’s occurring in their neighborhood. I think knowledge is power,” Hanel said, adding, “So if they’re seeing a bunch of thefts of motor vehicles plotted in their neighborhood, it’s probably a good indicator to lock the doors and take the stuff in at night. It kind of gives the citizens a little bit more awareness of what’s going on in their neighborhoods.”

After conducting some data analysis and seeing how, nationally, other police departments are using this online program, it was

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