Spencer Rattler Was Noticeably Absent From Oklahoma’s Horns Down Photo After Beating Texas

Spencer Rattler didn’t appear in Oklahoma’s team photo after beating Texas.

Following Caleb Williams leading an epic comeback victory for the Sooners, the team gathered for a photo doing the Horns Down symbol. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Unfortunately for Rattler, he was nowhere to be seen because he’s left for the locker room all by himself, according to BroBible.

🎶 OU boys, they my brothers, they my friends! 🎶#OUDNA #BoomerSooner pic.twitter.com/bipXDJLv5S

— Oklahoma Football (@OU_Football) October 10, 2021

This behavior is beyond childish. It’s downright pathetic. You know what you do when you get benched and your team pulls off an awesome win?

You get out there and celebrate with the rest of your teammates. You don’t behave like you’re upset you’re not playing.

That is going to rub fans the wrong way.

Spencer rattler face after the Caleb Williams td lmaooo pic.twitter.com/Sm4ExT5Lyy

— jw (@iam_johnw2) October 9, 2021

The fact Rattler went to the locker room instead of celebrating with his team and congratulating Williams on the epic game just goes to show he shouldn’t start.

He has no business being anywhere near the field, and I think we all know

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