SPENCER: It’s Time To Restore Voters’ Faith In America’s Elections Once And For All

Since the 2020 election, there has been a movement by many states to strengthen their election integrity procedures and thereby improve voter confidence in the process. Lawyers Democracy Fund is among those lawyers groups advocating for this important process of fundamental change.

Numerous states have enacted commonsense voting safeguards, including updating and verifying voting rolls, stronger voter ID requirements, stronger signature verification on mail ballots, procedures to cure defective ballot submissions, regulations prohibiting dishonest wholesale mail ballot “harvesting,” meaningful regulations for and surveillance of ballot drop boxes, barriers to curb actions by rogue and partisan election officials, increased security features for mail ballots, fair and honest provisions and access for poll watchers, prohibitions of partisan private election operations “contributions” and uniform election procedures within each of the states.

Many states have increased investigation, prosecution and penalties for vote fraud. All of these important improvements have attracted significant support from voters. (RELATED: HOFFMAN: States Need To Restore Faith In America’s Elections. Here’s How To Make It Happen)

Many of these reforms have primarily originated from conservative-led states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, Iowa and many others. Even politically divided states like Kentucky and Virginia have passed important reforms on a bipartisan basis.

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