Southeast Minnesota resident: Water 'should at least be drinkable'

There’s good reason.

When she would drink the water — something she stopped doing a few years ago — she would break out in hives.

Wash her clothes? Hives. Bathe? Hives.

An allergy test at Mayo Clinic showed she can’t tolerate metals. But there are metals in the water. So even if she doesn’t drink the water any longer — “I drink bottled water,” she said — the contaminates are in her clothes or they get on her when she showers.

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Last summer, some maintenance on the water lines cleared things up somewhat, but still the problem continues, even if to a lesser degree.

“It’s not as bad, except when I use hot water,” she said, adding that her water heater is still filled with the contaminates even if the city water is somewhat cleaner.

She’s on medication to clear up the problems on her skin and reduce the inflammation when it begins to itch, and despite the improvements, she doesn’t believe it’s safe enough for her to consume. In fact, she still gets blisters

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