South Korea Democratic Party's Next Presidential Nominee Is an Even Greater Risk to US Than Current President

Although few Americans may have noticed it, last weekend South Korea’s left-wing Democratic Party selected its next nominee for president for the election in March 2022.

Since the Republic of South Korea’s conservative, pro-U.S. President Park Geun-hye was impeached in 2017, the leftist Moon Jae-in and his Democratic Party (DP) have ruled that nation.  Moon and his regime have imposed or sought to impose quasi-socialist economic policies, attempted to stifle opposition media and various other forms of criticism and dissent even to the extent of prosecuting critics, largely purged the top government bureaucracy of non-leftists, pressured even some private entities to purge pro-U.S., conservative staff, and harassed defectors who escaped from North Korea to such a degree that a commission of Congress felt compelled to hold a hearing about Moon’s crackdown on such anti-North activists.   

Perhaps most importantly to Americans, the Moon regime, which is composed at the highest levels up to and including the president’s staff and cabinet, of several supposedly “former” anti-American and North Korea-sympathizing radicals, has been cozying up to Communist China, and seeking to appease North Korea even at the price of self-abasement.

The DP’s selection of its presidential candidate last weekend presents a risk to

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