Soul Asylum plays at Grand Forks festival next to the river that brought them here in 1997

Grand Forks’ 2021 festival is dedicated to the high school classes of 1997, classes whose proms were canceled after the ruinous flood that year that caused widespread damage on both sides of the river. Many residents were displaced for a period of time until the waters receded and people could return to their homes, oftentimes to flooded basements and destroyed home appliances.

Soul Asylum played a concert for graduating students later that year at Grand Forks Air Force Base, where they recorded the album “After the Flood: Live from the Grand Forks Prom, June 28, 1997.” The group later released the album in 2004.

Some attendees on Friday, Sept. 10, were members of the class of 1997, attended that prom, and looked forward to seeing the band once again.

“Back then they were my favorite band, so to have your favorite band and play your prom, that was pretty cool,” said Doug Lee, who now resides in St. Paul, Minn., and is a graduate of Grand Forks Central’s class of 1997.

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