Sorry Liberals, But The Nazis Were Progressive Leftists


Posted: Sep 25, 2022 12:01 AM

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You’ve probably known someone in your life who was simply full of it, right? A friend of a friend or acquaintance who lied constantly, burning a lot of calories trying to convince people to believe people of something that simply wasn’t so. That is how Democrats are on almost every issue, but there’s one in particular they desperately need to fool people on not only so they can use it as a weapon, but also so they can hide the horrors their political philosophy have committed against the people unfortunate enough to live under their absolute reign.

The real “big lie” is the creator of the concept of a big lie was somehow “right-wing.” The simple truth is every single despotic totalitarian is a left-winger. Under the umbrella of “progressive” lives socialism, communism and fascism. But to hide the reality of what their ideological brethren have committed, Democrats lie and say monsters like Mao, Stalin and Hitler were of the right. This is

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