Sorry, But McConnell Actually Did The Right Thing

I was a decent hockey player and an average baseball player, but there is no sporting event that exists that I don’t know exactly what the participants should have done. If they had all, and I do mean all, listened to me, they would have easily won or succeeded at whatever personal objective they were attempting to achieve. You’re probably the same way. It’s called “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” for a reason, and everyone is guilty of it. Sometimes, however, no matter how insistent the “quarterbacks” are after the fact, there really weren’t that many options at the time. You get that when the people playing quarterback never actually played football in real life.

Politics is the ultimate sport for the un-athletic. It’s really easy, there are no barriers to entry and no consequences for being wildly wrong. Opinions are, after all, like exactly what the old saying says and for that very reason. 

That being said, we all do have them. And in today’s day an age, nearly everyone has a show somewhere: cable, online, radio, podcast, whatever. All of those venues are now like what opinions are like, only with more people are literally the things “everyone has.”

Watching what

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