'Somehow our normal': Several Indigenous people missing in southeast Montana


When Rhonda Grant-Connelly heard her nephew Gabriel Myo-Grant was missing, she drove from Browning to Billings to help search for him.

Grant-Connelly visited the rescue and crisis centers, she carried his picture through homeless encampments and hung posters around town.

Gabriel Myo-Grant was last seen on June 5, 2022. He’s one of several missing Native people in southeast Montana

Courtesy of Rhonda Grant-Connelly

“I just hope he didn’t try to hitchhike and get in the wrong car,” Grant-Connelly said. “That’s my biggest fear. People don’t always think of boys as being vulnerable but they are and he is.”

Myo-Grant, 16, walked away from his group home in Billings on June 5 and hasn’t been seen since. He’s 5 feet 8 inches tall, 150 pounds and has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services (406-338-4000) is investigating his case.

Myo-Grant is one of several Native Americans reported missing in southeast Montana in recent weeks. Many are teenagers, and some have been found. While the cases have caused alarm in Native communities statewide, officials and advocates say they are

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