Some More Offensive Sports Teams’ Nicknames Have Got to Go

Well, autumn has arrived, and with it, major team sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey) are either going strong or about to begin.  Now, everybody has to do some house cleaning occasionally, and that goes for sports teams as well.  Some more nicknames simply must be changed because they are clearly offensive to the sensitive, victimized, and those (all of us) who otherwise need the protection of our betters, whether we know it or not.  And it’s time to do some of this again.  I can only mention a few of the more egregious nicknames that dutifully requireamendment.

–This year, the baseball Cleveland Indians changed their name to “Guardians.”  I’m sorry, Cleveland, but that’s not good enough, either.  We have to have “equity” and “inclusion,” and “Guardians” excludes attackers and the peasants who might be “guarded.’  Think of something else.

–The Washington Redskins became the “Commanders.”  There are a whole lot more enlisted people in the military than there are commanders.  That name’s gotta go, Washington.  Equity, please.

–The Cleveland Browns?  Is that a reference to brown-skinned people?  If Redskins was bad, well, just to be sure, Browns should get the heave-ho, too.  The Cleveland Avoiders might be good, as in, avoid…uh, never mind.

–Speaking of Washington, the Nationals?? How in the world do the Democrats allow THAT?  Has to be replaced byWashington Globalists.

–And, regarding the military,

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