Soft Landing Missoula launches new storytelling, culinary initiatives

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Rozan Shbib, right, a Syrian refugee and new kitchen assistant for the United We Eat program, and Katie Kirwan, United We Eat’s kitchen manager, are working on adding a twist to the longstanding popular culinary program in Missoula. 

BEN ALLAN SMITH, Missoulian David Erickson

A Missoula nonprofit that works on behalf of immigrants and refugees in the community has announced a new immersive storytelling exhibit and the re-launch of a popular culinary program. There’s a new twist this year that will provide more options for customers.

Soft Landing Missoula is in the midst of its fifth annual “Welcoming Week,” a series of events aimed at building connections and creating a more inclusive community.

On Sunday, the organization launched a new wholesale pilot program to accompany its long-standing “United We Eat” initiative, which was on hiatus recently but is relaunching this month.

“Each week will bring a rotating selection from chefs from around the world to showcase some of their best dishes, along with steady seasonal international fusion items made by

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