Simplest Source of Voter Fraud Is Baked Into the System

Back in 2016, when broadcaster Lars Larson attempted to find out whether one Arcan Cetin was a citizen of the US, ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told him, essentially, “Sorry, our obligation is to protect this migrant’s privacy.”  

Mr. Cetin murdered five innocents, north of Seattle. 

Arcan Cetin voted, reports Mr. Larson. But nobody at ICE was willing to tell a good citizen like our broadcaster if Cetin voted legally or not. 

As it turned out, a sigh of relief was in order. The stellar Mr. Cetin, who, like most Muslim immigrants, voted Democrat, violated the Sixth Commandment five times, but, thank God, did not appear to have violated the commandment against voter fraud. Rumor has it that the murderer had been awarded citizenship, although it’s impossible to ascertain. 

The point made here is that you can rest assured voter fraud is rampant in the US—and not only because Americans are barred from checking whether a murderer is a fellow-citizen. But, rather, because the progressive, globalist left has fought down-and-dirty to bar any proof of citizenship at the time of voting

Yes, the law requires, in my state, as in most of these United States, that you

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