Signs will warn about potential arsenic exposure at Deer Lodge park

DEER LODGE — Officials plan to soon post signs warning about potential exposure to arsenic at the popular Arrowstone Park in Deer Lodge.

The signs will read: “ARSENIC EXPOSURE WARNING. Bare dirt in the park may contain high (or elevated) levels of arsenic. Arsenic naturally occurs in soil, but it can be toxic with direct, repeated exposure over time.”

The signs also provide more specific advice such as, “Supervise children. Do not allow children to touch or consume dirt … Stay off river shoreline where bare dirt is exposed.”

Lenny Aponas, from Pahrump, Nevada, walks his 5-year-old dog Rosco, an American Brittany, through the Arrowstone Park on Aug. 8 in Deer Lodge.

JOSEPH SCHELLER, The Montana Standard

City and Powell County officials worked with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to craft the text for the park signs. The park was built decades ago by the Atlantic Richfield Co. atop historic mining and smelting pollution from upstream.

Jordan Green, chief administrative officer for Deer Lodge, said he believes the signs focus on the key issues of disquiet about the park.

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