Sibling wolves at Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary have died

Billings Gazette

Aged, sibling gray wolves rescued from a closing California facility in 2019 died at Red Lodge’s Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in October.

Ginny and Dakota were nearing 14 years of age, according to BR Walker, executive director of the sanctuary. The wolves had been rescued from Wildlife Waystation in Southern California, which was closing following damage by a wildland fire in 2017 and floods in 2019.

In late September, Ginny lost her appetite and began to fade before being euthanized in early October. Because wolves are pack animals, and the duo had been together since birth, Dakota’s health rapidly declined and he was euthanized in late October.

“Dakota stayed by her side,” Walker said. “It was such a loss to him.”

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The death of the two animals also took a toll on the sanctuary’s staff, she added.

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“I got used to seeing them out my office window,” Walker said, noting when the wolves howled the sanctuary’s coyote and cranes would join in for a wild chorus.

Unlike a zoo, the sanctuary takes in animals that otherwise would not survive in the wild. Whether more wolves

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