Sheriff warns of meth epidemic on way to Montana schools

Phil Drake

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, back from a conference in Arizona, gave Helena residents a bleak summary of what he saw, and warned of trouble headed our way.

Dutton said he attended a law enforcement conference to talk about the importing of illegal drugs.

“I wish I could say they will stay in the middle of the United States and not make it here but that would not be true,” he said Thursday to members of Hometown Helena, a grassroots organization.

“The cartels own the border. They do,” he said. “I’m sorry to say they own our United States borders.”

Dutton said in about two months Montana is going to have an epidemic of methamphetamine, and the drug is on its way to Montana schools. He said that historically, when there is a trend at the border, it takes two months to get to Montana.

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“It’s coming here and it’s going to be available for a cheap price and it’s going to wreak havoc,” Dutton said.

He said part of the conference involved looking for illegal immigrants coming across the border from Mexico.

“I have to

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