SHEFFIELD: Trump Reveals How To Save America From Biden’s Magical Thinking

In his first D.C. appearance since leaving the White House, former President Donald Trump laid out an economic agenda on Tuesday that strongly contrasted with President Joe Biden’s failed economic policies currently paralyzing American families, leaving them poorer and less secure.

With priorities like returning supply chains back home, rebuilding the U.S. manufacturing base and energy policies that enable American energy independence, Trump called for tamping down inflation and stopping COVID lockdowns, which cripple the economy. (RELATED: WOLF: America’s Future Is America First)

Trump said America’s economy was “floundering” and decried today’s broken supply chains leading to shortages and delivery delays. He hammered against the Green New Deal, saying it would lead to America’s destruction and urged increased domestic production of “liquid gold” oil and gas.

Trump rightly pointed out that physical security grantees economic security. During his speech, sponsored by a think tank launched last year called America First Policy Institute (AFPI), Trump decried the violence decimating America’s big cities, from Chicago to New York and San Francisco. 

This new crime wave was created by feeble district attorneys, who Trump said are “reimagining public safety” in ways that create bloody chaos, accelerating millions of Americans to flee Blue States, taking billions in

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