SHEFFIELD: Democrats’ Rosy Economic Picture Has Become A Nightmare As Recession Finally Hits

It’s official: we’re in a recession. The U.S. economy shrank by 0.9% in the second quarter, according to figures released Thursday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. This follows the -1.6% contraction in quarter one. Now is precisely not the time to ram through Senate Democrats’ Green New Deal slush fund and tax hikes that will further harm our weakened supply chain.

Now is not the time for indebting future generations through bipartisan microchip corporate welfare giveaways that distort the market and favor a few, well-connected firms (including one where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been a major investor). (RELATED: SHEFFIELD: Fed Scrambles To Get A Grip On Inflation While Manchin Hands Schumer A Green Spending Spree)

President Joe Biden lied and told us “We’re not gonna be in a recession.” We’re there. Meanwhile, Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler is working his hardest — and refusing to answer questions — to plunge us even further through new onerous climate regulations that will reduce competition and hurt consumers.

On Tuesday, America saw another drop in consumer confidence numbers, a measure which has now fallen for three consecutive months. June’s report showed the Consumer Confidence Index at its lowest level since

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