Seventh-annual Rail Safety Week to provide information to help stop tragedy in its tracks

Photo provided by MT DOT Operation Life Saver

The week of Sept. 18 marks the seventh annual Rail Safety Week across Montana and North America to raise awareness of rail safety.

Every three hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States. Each year, more than 2,100 people in North America are injured or killed in train incidents. Crossing tracks and trespassing on private property are two of the most common occurrences. Rail Safety Week aims to educate people on effectively using highway-rail grade crossings and what to do when near train tracks. Rail Safety Week will use different themes and events, Monday through Sunday, to teach rail crossing best practices.

Schedule of events — Sept. 18-24, 2023Monday — The theme of the day is #STOPTrackTragedies, with a social media initiative centered around the hashtag. The primary intended audience for this day is news media, government officials and the general public. People are also reading… Tuesday — Operation Clear Track, an event that in the U.S. is led by Amtrak, focuses on the role

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