Seriously…? USA Fencing At Risk Of Missing 2024 Paris Olympics After Curtis McDowald Goes On Absolute Tirade

Oh, give me a break.

The United States fencing team’s chances of competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics may be no more after an American fencer went on an absolute tirade — and it was all caught on video so you can see the ridiculousness.

After taking a loss in the Pan-American games semifinals in Peru, Curtis McDowald ended up exploding which led to a disqualification for the entire U.S. men’s épée squad.

McDowald was hit with a red card penalty on the decisive point, ending the match. After suffering defeat, McDowald’s opponent then tries to shake his hand, but being the sore loser that he is, slaps his hand away. And that had our foreign opponent understandably laughing at McDowald, ya know, the same guy who’s supposed to be representing our COUNTRY.

It’s just embarrassing, and unfortunately it didn’t stop there.

While the rest of the American team shook hands with their opponents, McDowald — who competed in the 2020 Olympics — kicked a free-standing banner that was in the venue and put his foot through it.

As a result of his little temper tantrum, USA Fencing was disqualified from the Pan-Am games, and even more aggravating, were forced to give

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