'Sequesterfest' and streaming concerts move the music scene online

Nina Alviar and Don Teschner are performing during the Missoula Sequesterfest, a 12-hour online music “festival” that Alviar organized.

Courtesy photo

“And there are good reasons, though I sometimes forget them,

That you’re not an arm’s length away.” 

— Izaak Opatz

Did you go to the shows last weekend? On Friday night, after the reality of the new reality settled in, there weren’t many places to escape to, unless you logged online to see your favorite local bands.

From the self-isolation of your household, you could’ve caught Junior and Izaak Opatz, live from the Radius Gallery. Or John Brownell, delivering a two-hour solo show. Or Cory Fay and Aaron Jennings sharing their idiosyncratic and personality-filled songwriting.

As the bars and music venues around Montana were all shut down, Missoula musicians gave live-streaming its first test run. While the virtual tips aren’t likely to make up entirely for lost income, the performers and audiences both felt it was a welcome sense of normalcy when everyone was shut in.

There are more virtual “gigs” ahead, including a 12-hour marathon called Sequester Fest on

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