Senator Steve Daines Appears on KGVO's Montana Morning Show

Just before heading to his weekly ‘Montana Coffee’ with Montana visitors to the Capitol, Senator Steve Daines spoke with KGVO News on a variety of subjects, from impeachment to the U.S. MCA and even water issues in the state.

Daines said the articles of impeachment issued this week were part of what he called the ‘impeachment obsession’.
“The Democrats have been obsessed with impeachment since the day of  President Trump’s election,” began Daines. “This is three years in the making. It’s no surprise and it will come over to the Senate, but I think we all know the outcome in the Senate where very few if any Republican Senators will support removing the President from office.”

Daines said the good news this week was the intention of the U.S. House to finally pass the U.S. MCA trade agreement.

“I think the reason that Nancy Pelosi has finally decided to move this forward is the American people, as she’s been watching the polling data, where support for impeachment is fading, especially in key states for the upcoming 2020 election, her members urged her to do something positive for the American people,” he said. “This trade deal has been languishing in the House

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