Senator Steve Daines appears on KGVO’s Montana Morning News Show

Montana Senator Steve Daines appeared Tuesday on the Montana Morning News show and picked up on the theme of how big tech and the Biden Administration have run afoul of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“It’s chilling when you start to see the Biden administration now collaborating with big tech to censor speech that is a violation of the First Amendment,” said Daines. “Speaking of big tech, unfortunately, now, they’re the self proclaimed arbiters of free speech, and they’re deciding what is and isn’t acceptable.”

Daines said platforms like Facebook and Twitter have in fact become publishers, technically violating the law.

“They’ve become publishers,” he said. “They have these platforms like Twitter, like YouTube, like Facebook, but when they decide what can be posted and can’t be posted, they’re no longer just a platform. They are a publisher. And then when the federal government starts to collude with these big tech companies that now is the federal government, infringing and violating fundamental first amendment rights, the freedom of speech for the American people.”

Daines said he has introduced a new bill called the Preserving Political Speech Online Act.

“This is what the legislation does, it would force these tech companies to offer equal

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