Sen. Roy Blunt: Trump Should Focus On Midterm Races At Upcoming Rallies

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., said Sunday he hopes former President Donald Trump “puts his energy” and focus on GOP victories in next year’s midterm elections.

In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Blunt said Trump’s enduring popularity with GOP voters will be a distinct advantage.

“He’s popular and could be incredibly helpful in 2022 if he gets focused on 2022 and the differences in the two political parties,” Blunt asserted.

“The Biden agenda is an agenda that Republicans are going to be talking about, defining themselves based on our differences on things like what is infrastructure. There are a lot of things to talk about,” he continued. “I think 2022 has great potential to be an important and good year for Republicans, and I hope President Trump puts his energy in that effort.”

Trump’s speech Saturday at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention marked a high-profile return to the campaign trail, though he focused much of the talk on election integrity.

“We all know what happened with the election, and we can never, ever let that happen again,” Trump said.

Blunt lamented Sunday Americans are now “losing faith in the election system” — and backs bipartisan election reforms that have been championed by his colleague from across the aisle, Sen. Joe

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