Sen. Kevin Cramer, Rear Admiral Lorin Selby and UND President Andrew Armacost headline day two of the UAS Summit & Expo

Cramer spoke for about 10 minutes about technology and how it pertains to the military and Grand Forks’ role in all of it.


“The ecosystem that we talk a lot about that’s been created here, both intentionally and organically here in North Dakota, particularly in the Red River Valley and especially and specifically up here in the Grand Forks region, it’s really quite remarkable, and it’s quite unique and it is an edge,” Cramer said.

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Cramer introduced Rear Admiral Lorin Selby to the crowd, who spoke about why technological advancements to UAS systems are important to the military.

“The concept here is that we need to deploy small, mostly autonomous things,” Selby said. “We need to deploy that at scale, hundreds or maybe thousands of them, so big swarms and other ways of aggregating many different systems, and we need to be able to not go fast physically, although that may be ok, but adapt fast. Adaptation is a critical enabler of our survival as a species, and it’ll be a critical enabler

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