Sen. Blackburn: Dems 'Unconstructive' on Fighting Gun Violence

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., slammed Democrats as having an “unconstructive” attitude toward focusing on mental illness to combat gun violence.

President Donald Trump has signaled that he’s interested in expanding background checks and creating a database for law enforcement for those who set off “red flags,” but Democrats remain unimpressed.

“I find it so unconstructive to have that attitude,” Blackburn told Fox News. “When you have law enforcement telling us, they need pieces of information to keep communities safe, when you have border patrol telling us that they need a barrier, they need technology, they need more officers and agents. You have the members of the House and the Senate saying, we are not going to give it to you. Now what does that do for the security of the people of this country? Every woman that I talked to has the tendency to identify themselves as a security mom and say, ‘I want my children safe when they go to school, I want them safe when they are traveling, I want them safe and sporting events and public events and I want them to have a secure future with a country that safe.’”

She added, “I have not talked to the team about some of the things that we covered in August. Previously I have been to the White House as a bipartisan group that he had down to talk about

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