Scott Frost Says Nebraska Is ‘Not Ready To Take On’ High Expectations

Nebraska football coach Scott Frost tried to control the hype around his team with some recent comments.

The amount of hype surrounding the Cornhuskers has been at deafening levels for months, and it’s a bit sickening. Frost, who seems like a smart man, probably recognizes the dangers of the situation and is trying to dial things back a bit. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Frost said the following on ESPN on Wednesday, according to Saturday Tradition:

We’re not ready to take on those expectations, we’re just working hard here in Lincoln to get better. I really do feel like we’re better at almost every position on our football team this year and we’re in a really good league and I think we’re better equipped to take on those challenges this year.

This is really the only smart way for Frost to play this situation. The reality of the situation is that there’s a very real chance the Cornhuskers lay an egg this season.

People think they have a legit shot to win the B1G. That’s of course a laughable idea, but it hasn’t slowed down the hype train

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