School District Faces Choice: Respect Free Speech or Crush Dissent


Posted: Oct 06, 2021 12:01 AM

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A Virginia school district has made a lot of national news lately. Many teachers, parents, students, and community members disagree with Loudoun County Public Schools’ adoption of policies that force teachers to promote radical ideologies that they believe will harm students and further divide the school community. Several of these courageous citizens have publicly expressed their disapproval of these policies at school board meetings.

One of those citizens, LCPS elementary school teacher Tanner Cross, was suspended after he spoke in opposition to a proposed policy that would force teachers to refer to “gender-expansive or transgender” students using any pronoun of the student’s choice regardless of whether the pronoun is consistent with the student’s biological sex. After Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing Cross sued LCPS for violating his constitutional rights, a Loudoun County District Court ordered the school board to reinstate him while the lawsuit proceeds. The Virginia Supreme Court recently affirmed this decision.

In response to all this public

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