Santos refuses to resign amid calls from local N.Y. GOP

NEW YORK — Rep. George Santos refused to resign Wednesday despite a parade of Republican Nassau County officials demanding he step down.

Officials from across Santos’ Long Island district and beyond gathered at the headquarters of the Nassau County Republican Committee to offer biting critiques of the newly sworn-in Republican. Critically, they pledged to cut Santos’ local support system off at the knees after he fabricated much of his resume and backstory during a successful Congressional campaign last year.

Santos “is a stain on the House of Representatives. He’s a stain on the 3rd Congressional District,” Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said at a media briefing. He added that he told his staff that any constituent calls to Congress “will now be referred to Congressman Anthony D’Esposito.”

D’Esposito, a Republican who represents a neighboring district, dialed into the press conference remotely to also call for Santos’ ouster. And later in the day, outgoing state GOP chair Nick Langworthy, a newly elected House member, said too that Santos should go.

“It’s clear that he cannot be an effective representative and it would be in the best interest of the taxpayers to have new leadership,” Langworthy said in a statement.

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