Sanford Mulls GOP Challenge to Trump, Heads to New Hampshire

Mark Sanford, the former South Carolina governor and congressman, is heading to another early voting state as he considers mounting an uphill challenge to President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

A spokeswoman confirmed that Sanford would travel Tuesday night to New Hampshire for meetings. Fergus Cullen, a former New Hampshire Republican Party chairman, and Tom Rath, a longtime Republican National Convention delegate and former New Hampshire attorney general, told The Associated Press they planned to meet with Sanford during his trip this week.

Rath also backed then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s 2016 presidential bid.

Last month, Sanford — known during his Capitol Hill years as a deficit hawk mindful of federal spending — said he would take 30 days to decide if he would run against Trump or possibly start a think tank devoted to fiscal conservatism. He said he is determined to bring debt and fiscal restraint into the national conversation.

“There’s plenty of discussion on that front,” Sanford said last month on CNN. “The place where there’s no discussion is the way in which interest is the largest growing expense in the federal government. We will spend more on interest than we do on our national defense

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