Sane People Have to Fight Back against the Lunacy

Opponents of critical race theory attend a packed Loudoun County School board meeting in Ashburn, Va., June 22, 2021. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters) Join NR’s battle to counter the shameful attack on parents from the federal government on down.

Parents shouldn’t be involved in the schools.

Parents aren’t the primary stakeholders in the education of their children.

And parents might be, if they are too vocal at school-board meetings, the subject of an FBI investigation.

The progressive response to the backlash to critical race theory and associated racialist agitprop in the schools has gone from, “Nothing to see here; you’re making it up” to, “It’s none of your freakin’ business what happens in America’s schools.”

The Merrick Garland memo is an extraordinary document that would have been sent to the circular filing cabinet — indeed, never would have been drafted in the first place — in an administration mindful of legal and democratic norms.

It has no foundation in the law (and doesn’t even cite any legal basis); doesn’t cite any specific crimes, let alone any federal crimes, that prompted the DOJ to act; and came in response to a transparently political letter from the National

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