Sam Brown: I almost died serving in Afghanistan. Blinken needs to answer these 5 questions

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The Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal has been a parade of gut-punching failure after gut-punching failure. I was blown up after my vehicle was struck by an IED and nearly died there. As a veteran of the war and as an American, I have questions. We all deserve answers. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s testimony to Congress this week is the first opportunity for the American people to hold the Biden Administration accountable under oath for its failures that left Americans and our allies behind in Afghanistan and tragically cost the lives of 13 servicemembers.

Afghanistan vet and Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sam Brown

Here are five questions Secretary Blinken needs to answer.

1. Why didn’t Secretary Blinken speak up about President Biden’s arbitrary and rushed deadline for withdrawing all U.S. troops?


When President Joe Biden decided to withdraw all remaining U.S. forces from Kabul, Secretary Blinken must have known we still had thousands of Foreign Service Officers on the ground, staff in our embassy, and allied Afghan partners who would soon be at the mercy of the Taliban if the government fell. 

He also must have

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