Saleena's world: Woman offers look at her life inside West Mont

Editor’s note: We received the following letter from Saleena Davis about her life at West Mont, a nonprofit in Helena that focuses on promoting dignity and a higher quality of life for people with disabilities. Davis, 31, a former Malta resident, works at The West Mont Flower Shop and the West Mont Farm and Gardens.

Hello my name is Saleena. Here is my story about My Life At West Mont.

I moved to Ron’s Place May 16th, 2022. I started working at 2 jobs. I started working at the Flowers and Trading Company.

Saleena Davis works on a flower arrangement. “The only time I do not like flower is when snakes are involved,” she said.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

“I’ve always loved flowers,” Saleena Davis says. She is standing by a flower cooler at West Mont Flower Shop. 

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

Flowers are selected for an arrangement

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