SADAR: ‘Trust Us, We’re Experts’ Has Returned To A World Of Faith-Based Science

We are living in an era steeped in faith-based science.

Deep trust in science, as defined by those perceived to be authoritative scientists in very complex scientific areas, has become blatant with the coronavirus crisis. To make sure we stayed healthy in addition to staying alive, we trusted what the scientific experts were telling us about the deadly disease.

Now a certain amount of distrust of such expertise has set in.

As the public learns more about the virus and the subsequent extended actions to shut down society to stave off its anticipated ravages, many are beginning to see the overreach that unnecessarily restricted individual freedoms. And, concerns abound about how the template of COVID-19 hysteria and lockdowns will play out with future crises.

Of course, the immediate crisis de jure is climate change, now apparently edging toward a “climate emergency” via the current administration.

To destroy or at least seriously cripple any challenges to contended narratives, whether the challenges are related to climate or health sciences, some settlers of science have devised a simple, timeworn, solution: Trust us, we’re experts.

For instance, in a recently released document, “Science Education in an Age of Misinformation,” by a collaboration of largely academic scholars,

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