Rosendale votes against assault-style weapons ban

An assault-style weapons ban passed the U.S. House on Friday, with most Republicans, including Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale, voting against the bill.

Democrats put the bill forward in response to a rising number of mass shootings. It takes a simple majority to pass bills in the House, where the 217-213 outcome was sufficient. With no chance of mustering the 60 votes needed to avoid a filibuster in the Senate, the House exercise was mostly a show vote, with politicians from both parties socializing their stands immediately afterward.

“Today, the Radical Left went one step further in its continuous attempt to abolish every American’s right to keep and bear arms. The Left would have citizens stripped of their right to self-defense while criminals have access to illegal firearms, inciting further violence in our communities,” Rosendale said in a tweet following the vote.

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There was a ban on the sale of assault-style semiautomatic weapons under a bill passed in 1994. The legislation expired 10 years later.

In June, Montana’s congressional delegation split on passing the nation’s first major attempt to curb gun violence in 30 years , with Rosendale and Sen. Steve Daines

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