Rosendale trouncing Republican opponents; Ronning winning Dem primary

Matt Rosendale is trouncing his Republican opponents for Montana’s Eastern U.S. House District in early returns as two other congressional primaries in the district played out Tuesday night.

In early returns Tuesday, Rosendale, Montana’s at-large representative, lead the GOP field with 53,970 votes, compared to 9,043 votes for Kyle Austin of Billings, 4,260 votes for James Boyette of Bozeman, and 3,967 votes for Charles Walking Child of Helena.

The Associated Press called the race for Rosendale about an hour after polls closed.

The Congressman spent the days leading up to June 7 touring hydroelectric dams in Idaho and Washington. During the primary season, he didn’t participate in any political forums where his opponents were present to answer questions.

U.S. Congress candidate Penny Ronning views the initial vote count at an election night watch party at Purple Snow Promotional on Tuesday night.


In February, the Republican National Committee, at the request of the Montana GOP, invoked Rule 11 to endorse Rosendale. The rule prevents the RNC from lending support to a primary candidate unless the candidate is unopposed in most

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