Rosendale rages against a non-problem in viral speech, say political analysts

Source: Associated Press

In a rousing floor speech Thursday, Montana U.S. Rep Matt Rosendale accused House leaders of approving tens of millions of dollars in spending without a vote by members, but he wasn’t correct, according to political analysts.

The congressman suggested that on “fly-in” days, usually at the beginning of the week as lawmakers are returning to Washington, D.C., House leaders were passing hundreds of millions of dollars in spending through a political move known as unanimous consent.

The speech was part of an historic four-day stretch of performative politics in which a group of 20 Republicans, Rosendale included, repeatedly voted against Rep. Kevin McCarthy for House speaker. McCarthy had been previously selected in caucus as the Republican nominee and 90% of the Republican representatives voted for him repeatedly, while opponents offered no compelling path toward electing an alternative to the lawmaker from California, who is the leader of the caucus.

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Friday evening, the “never Kevin” faction began to soften after days of negotiations with leadership. 

Simply put, unanimous consent allows Republican and Democratic leadership to speed bills to passage, provided not a single lawmaker objects. Representatives

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