Rosendale leads early in eastern U.S. House race

U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale took an early lead in Montana’s Eastern U.S. House District, where the Republican is heavily favored to win.

Early returns showed Rosendale with 59% of the vote with about 75,152 ballots counted. His three lesser-funded challengers were unevenly splitting what remained. Democrat Penny Ronning had 19% of the vote. Independent Gary Buchanan had 20% of the vote, and Libertarian Sam Rankin 1%.

The only county with a large population reporting results so far is Lewis and Clark. Yellowstone and Cascade counties hadn’t reported results at 10:30 p.m.

The 41 counties of the Montana U.S. District 2 have in the past collectively delivered 60% of the vote in congressional elections to the Republican candidate, including Rosendale in 2020 when the state had just one at-large House district. There is no Democratic committee structure in 21 of those 41 counties.

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Democrats have invested very little in the eastern district. Ronning’s total fundraising for the election through Oct. 19 amounted to $157,365, less than a third of what Buchanan raised.

Democratic Congressional candidate Penny Ronning awaits voting returns

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