Rosendale checks out vocational training programs at Helena College

Nolan Lister

Rep. Matt Rosendale toured the campuses of Helena College Thursday during a visit to the capital city.

Helena College Dean and CEO Sandra Bauman and college staff lead the Republican congressman through the school’s various vocational training programs, including its aviation and diesel maintenance programs, which attract students from around the country.

“It’s important for everyone to understand these types of programs are integral to our community, and they are very expensive to administer,” Bauman said in an interview ahead of the meeting with Rosendale.

She noted the skilled workers such programs create are in high demand not only locally, but around the country.

However, Bauman said the majority of Helena College students are Helenans who will eventually transition into the Helena work force.

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She said vocational education is gaining in popularity as the return on investment can be high.

Rosendale agreed.

“There are so many students with many different interests and many different skills, and not all of them are going to desire or be successful in a four-year, academic program,” Rosendale said in an interview after the tour. “It’s return on investment. You have students interested

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