Roseau High students in Warroad hockey jerseys? Yes, for a good cause

Roseau students decked out in Warroad hockey jerseys and t-shirts?

Staff members wearing their fierce rival’s colors, black and yellow, instead of Roseau’s green and white on a Friday, which is normally reserved for Ram pride?

Yes, it happened — for a good cause.

The student councils of both schools initiated a fundraiser for the Max Foundation, a Warroad-based charity that strives for mental wellness among young people. It is named after former Warroad hockey player Max Marvin.

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The Max Foundation has been involved in bringing Project 11, a curriculum aimed at supporting mental health in children from an early age, to both schools.

The student-driven idea was simple. Each school would try to raise as much money as they could during the week. They dubbed it, ‘Pack the Pig.’ The runner-up would have to wear its rival’s colors to school for a day.

At the end of the week, they counted up the money.

Roseau raised $9,783.31. Warroad raised $14,718.46. That’s a total of $24,501.77, the largest single donation to the Max Foundation, which started in 2019.

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