Root Causes of Lower Learning

We are constantly told how necessary it is to find the”root causes” of everything, from crime, to illegal immigration, to the wave of antisemitism spreading across many college campuses and in our streets.


Often, this call to examine root causes is simply a distraction that avoids coming up with solutions.

Let’s not kid ourselves that the resignation of the president of the University of Pennsylvania for her refusal to unequivocally denounce genocide against Jews (though Liz Magill will stay on as interim president until a replacement is found and will also remain a tenured professor ) is going to solve anything so long as this attitude prevails among many faculty members and the boards that hire university presidents. The latest involves a medical school panel at George Washington University which has defended Hamas’ “right of resistance.” It will likely not be the last as other universities confront the issue and their conduct codes.

We are paying a price for the jettisoning of standards by which right and wrong, good and evil can be defined and judged. If everybody is right; if truth is subjective, then nothing can be said to be wrong which has brought us to the current

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