Rooftop Revelations: The sin of 'othering' divides us as Americans

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CHICAGO – Americans love to “other” fellow Americans. It is the national bloodsport of sorts. Americans go at it everyday: red versus blue, pro-life versus pro-choice, left versus liberals, liberals vsversusconservatives, Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter, deplorables versus snowflakes, gun rights vsversusgun control, CNN versus Fox News, atheists versus evangelicals, rich versus poor, white versus black and on. Where are the individuals in all of this?

When one others a person or a group one makes the conscious decision to view that person or group as fundamentally different and alien to oneself. Walls rise in between and the divisions deepen with time. The danger lies in the slippery slope toward dehumanization.

There is perhaps no other group in America that has been more othered than the South Siders of Chicago. For decades, the media has breathlessly blasted weekend death tolls, painting a narrow and violent image for millions of Americans who have never walked the South Side streets. While most Americans are decent and empathetic, it is not uncommon to hear weak-minded outsiders denigrate their fellow Americans living in this neighborhood as black, the 13%, genetically inferior, genetically predisposed to violence or

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