Rooftop Revelations: The message of 'the body of Christ' overrides tribalism

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CHICAGO – When Pastor Corey Brooks went to the rooftop on that cold November night to begin his 100-day vigil against the unacceptable violence and poverty on the South Side of Chicago, the solitary act forced many Americans to look within themselves, consciously or unconsciously. For years, Americans lectured from the comforts of their homes that the War on Poverty, welfare, man-in-the-house rules and culture were to blame. They are not wrong. Yet these complaints achieved little other than the self-flattery of their intelligence. Then the pastor went onto the roof, an act that essentially called out the rest of us. Do we continue with complaints and do nothing, or do we look within and come alongside the pastor in faith and goodwill to help him through these uncharted waters? 

Paul Glyman decided to come alongside the pastor. Glyman serves as a pastor himself at the West Hills Community Church in the Chicago suburb of Westmont. He certainly did not have to journey to the South Side for the pastor’s 55th day of his rooftop vigil, but he did, and the pastor was deeply appreciative.

“Paul, when we talk about unity and we talk

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